not only is butthurt a rape joke, it carries the strong implication that victims reporting or speaking out are out of line/obnoxious for doing so. 

as a woman, nothing turns me on more than a man who knows how to pretend he doesn’t hate me. 


Let’s stop acting like punk is rebellion/resistance/anti oppression because honestly, the punk scene coddles rapists, is full of racism/white boy chauvinism/misogyny/classism/much more. We aren’t a family. You’re my enemies and I will destroy you.


I don’t understand why these random ex-marines are praised for coming out and saying “we didn’t even use these types of police weaponry and tactics in Fallujah! The ferguson pd is Outrageous !”

As if there was a shred of morality or humanity in their deadly military occupation? Why compare the two..seems lazy 2 me

As seen in the responses to Ferguson, many liberals today excel at aping leftist aesthetics in order to earn trust into a community while simultaneously resurrecting anticommunist slurs like “outside agitator.” They pulverize words like “intersectionality” into a meaningless oblivion, and turn them into signals that, yes, they have also taken a Sociology 201 class. They ‘get it.’

Love Me, Ferguson, I’m a Liberal | Jacobin

This is a really good article about how slandering socialist and communist groups as “outside agitators” has been used historically to put distance between black people/people of color and revolutionary socialism (and the two have an intertwined history). Communism has always been portrayed as being brought to the US from “foreigners” (e.g. in the 1900s it was Italians) and as being anti-American. also this quote = tumblr.

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Yes, I see the point of the quote. At the same time, being careful enough to show support and stand together in struggle against the unique oppressions the black community faces while not seeming opportunistic, disingenuous, and derailing takes finesse.

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