“American tourist Ella uses an iPad while riding a Wi-Fi-outfitted donkey led by her brother Aaron, in Kfar Kedem, a biblical reenactment park in the village of Hoshaya in the Galilee, Israel, on August 22, 2012. Visitors riding donkeys through the Old Testament landscape can now also surf the web while being transported across the land of the Bible. Organizers are hoping to connect the younger generation to ancient Galillee life while allowing them to like, share, tweet and snap it instantly to their friends.” (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

2012: The Year in Photos, Part 2 of 3 - In Focus - The Atlantic


Where my people take your goy money and send you to make-believe Bible locations so you can feel good about your cult.  The only thing missing is a fucking Taco Bell.

if they’re smart they’ve got the dominos app on that ipad. probably get fresh za delivered right to the top holy sites.